The Fearless Entrepreneur: Episode 000

Hey Fearless Family, I’m Will Featherstone, and first I want to say thank you for your awesome response to this podcast. This is the first episode of The Fearless Entrepreneur Podcast. Each episode with uncover the challenges and fears each entrepreneur has come across on their entrepreneurial journey, and they’ll explain how they’ve been able to thrive as a full-time entrepreneur.

I’m most excited about the fact that we will be producing an episode every Tuesday, that will shed some light on fears that entrepreneurs have when taking that leap of faith. We look forward to helping you replace those fears with knowledge every episode. So as you work out in the morning, commute to work, or need your fix of lunchtime inspiration The Fearless Entrepreneur Podcast has you covered.

Does, that sound good? Well, I hope so. The Fearless Entrepreneur brand will be the number one resource to helping new and seasoned entrepreneurs tackle their fears in starting, building, and growing their business. Take a listen to The Fearless Podcast Episode 000, and I’ll explain how our podcast plays a major role in this; I’ll also tell you a little more about myself.

Written by The Fearless