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Will chats it up with Alex Jones. Alex helps salon suite owners, independent hairstylists, and beauty professionals get more from their salon business…more clients, more money and more freedom so they can finally live their dreams. Alex takes us through his entrepreneurial journey, some of his fears and challenges, and how he has overcome those fears. So, join in Fearless Family, as we continue to Create With No Fear here on Episode 001 of The Fearless Entrepreneur Podcast.


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  1. We all want to be liked. Don’t allow validation from others to dictate what you do. Move forward in spite of what others think.
  2. As an entrepreneur you have to continue to educate yourself. It’s never too late to learn a different craft.
  3. If you are at an age where you feel like your time has run out to be an entrepreneur, Alex advises that you ask yourself one question. “If i dont succeed what’s the worst that could happen?”


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