The Fearless Entrepreneur Alease Michelle

Will chops it up with Alease Michelle. Alease is an online marketing and branding coach. She helps women plan, launch and build profitable business and personal brands so that they create consistent income doing what they love. Alease takes us through her journey of leaving her job, becoming an full-time Artist, and then transitioning into becoming a Business Coach. She lets us in on some of her fears and challenges, and how she was able to overcome them to become a Fearless Entrepreneur. So, join in Fearless Family, as we continue to Create With No Fear here on Episode 003 of The Fearless Entrepreneur Podcast.



  1. Your customers and client will tell you what you want!
  2. Change your environment. Surround yourself with people who have already made the leap. Plug in with people who have already made the transition into entrepreneurship.
  3. Embrace change, other wise your business will become stagnant.
  4. Stop listening to people that don’t know your business, and be true to who you are instead of trying to be like someone else.



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