The Fearless Entrepreneur Andrea Jones

Will gets to chat it up with Andréa Jones, a Social Media Manager & Community Builder who creates engaging and beautiful content for lifestyle brands, startups, and small businesses in the fashion, wellness, and eCommerce industries. She’s also the founder of, a place where businesses discover the techniques of marketing their brand on social media. We talk about how she had to figure out sales, get over shyness , and how she got her company from stressful to thriving. So, join in Fearless Family, as we continue to Create With No Fear here on Episode 007 of The Fearless Entrepreneur Podcast.



  1. It’s easier to overcome your fears once you dig deep and be honest with yourself about what you’re really afraid of.
  2. I was worried no one would want to pay my new prices and I’d lose everything. Of course, that didn’t happen.
  3. Keep the main thing the main thing. Meaning, don’t worry about anything that doesn’t matter. Clients come and go. Don’t let it stress you. Just keep improving, growing, and loving your life.


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