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Will gets to chat it up with Kyle Mosher. He’s a full-time fine artist currently residing in Charlotte, NC. He’s been making art professionally for seven years and has been a full-time artist for the past three and a half years. We talk about how everyone told him “you’ll never make money making art” and with how he, being stubborn as he is, didn’t want to become another statistic. He gives us his story of working in the basement near the morgue, being fired from his corporate position for doing what he felt was right, and having his idea jacked! He touches on all of this while giving upcoming artist to “How to Guide” to position yourself in this industry. So, join in Fearless Family, as we continue to Create With No Fear here on Episode 008 of The Fearless Entrepreneur Podcast.


  • Kyle’s Site:
  • Kyle talks about freedom, happiness, and opportunity. “Everyday I wake up and I am free to do as I please this makes me happy and with freedom and happiness I am able to create my own opportunities.”


  1. When asked about fear Kyle said “I make sure to always live life to the fullest and on my own terms. For so long I had someone else making decisions for me I became this zombie with no real sense of who I was. When I finally was able to start making decisions for myself I promised I’d never let anyone dictate how I felt. Being happy, sad, whatever was always going to be on my own terms. That carried over into my professionally life, too. I was never going to let a boss or company take control of my life.”
  2. Jump into the fire, don’t wait for yourself to “be ready”. You’re never ready. Trial by fire is the way to go. That doesn’t mean don’t be smart, definitely do your due diligence. Research your industry, research your allies and your competitors, get a game plan together and take the leap.
  3. There’s no real secret to success. Just insane-hard work, believing in oneself, and constantly studying and growing.


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