The Fearless Entrepreneur Anthony Brice

Will gets to talks fitness with Anthony Brice. Anthony is a Personal Trainer and Transformation Coach. He helps individuals who are short on time who struggle to get results transform their body’s in 30 – 90 days. He offers a complete solution including a training program, meal planning, a support community, and coaching for fitness lifestyle balance. He chops it about running from his purpose, expanding his influence online, and chucking the norm for fitness trainers. So, join in Fearless Family, as we continue to Create With No Fear here on Episode 010 of The Fearless Entrepreneur Podcast.



  1. “I expanded my influence and my market nationwide by offering online training. That allowed me to expand my reach all over the world and my earning potential exponentially.”
  2. “The biggest fear I had in that moment was whether there was a big enough demand in this business for me to do it full-time and still create the lifestyle that I wanted. A part of me had an epiphany like this is what I’m supposed to do. I couldn’t run from my purpose any longer. The other part was trying to calculate all the things I would have to do to make it happen.”
  3. “I vowed to always transcend my surroundings by constantly growing and always going for the things I want. I worked on mastering my gifts and talents.”


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